"Destination Girl" LP out now on The Telegraph Company (US), Low Transit Industries (AUS) and The Track and Field Organization (UK)

Ladies and Gents,

Welcome to the Finishing School. We’d like to help you realize your full potential, to challenge your outer limits, to signify the space between your right toe and your left toe. Be not confused. Open your mind and come with us! Savoir-vivre!

Quickly, let’s examine your reflection in the looking glass. You know exactly what it has experienced. You know exactly what kind of character it purports to have. How many languages it speaks. How it's dressed. You can assess its posture, and what's racing through its mind at this precise moment. And you know when it feels anxious. For example, your reflection knows there's a “complicated situation" coming up. A touchy geopolitical encounter. A difficult multilateral tiff. An uncomfortable social engagement. An awkward broken family get-together. A strange and unusual mix of "folks" from different cultures and/or backgrounds, that sort of thing. Only two people can make a difference in that situation. And your reflection is one of them. Can your reflection afford to stifle a yawn and ask "what's the panic?" when presented with surprising, insistent grooves?

We don’t think so

The "person" your reflection is competing with is YOU. Most difficult situations are really only a protracted battle between "you" and "yourself", between the "you" that
"everyone else" can "see" and the one you really "are", between the "one" that already knows how to

"have" and the one that still needs to learn a few "tricks" on how to "BE". Specters and shades, people.


Looking forward to it, Sasha.